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Dear Mayor Jowett-Frost,

My name is Ryan Clarke, I am the Pastor of Watchorn Church Alfreton. I have been in the post since 1st of January of this year. I live with my family in the town of Alfreton. I was born and bred in Selston, but Alfreton would be the place we as a family would shop and visit. I have early memories of buying Christmas gifts from Woolworths! My family for a short time even had a business in Alfreton. I say this because Alfreton and its people are very dear to me!

You might say, why are you writing to me? Allow me to briefly explain.

I was recently made aware of something you had shared on Facebook, which read something like this: Wishing all the Homophobes a super uncomfortable month. I’ll admit that it caused several within the church (myself included) some cause for concern - not because we disagree (for we are each entitled to our opinions), but because it seemed to distance yourself as mayor and those you serve in the town who would sincerely hold to a different opinion about Pride month. 

To help foster unity and to open a channel of communication, I and my family would like to invite you to our home for tea to discuss this further. Perhaps we can show you around the Church and explain what we are doing and why we do what we do. Maybe this will help us understand where we are both coming from and understand each other that little bit more, I trust for the good of this town that we both long to serve.

Please do get back to me at your convenience, I and the Church send our richest blessings in Christ Jesus to you and your team.

Ryan Clarke

June 2023

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